The Pine Tree Filter™ Co. L.L.C. is pleased to introduce our solution for the LEAD problems in municipal waters in the United States. The company is Veteran owned and operated.

Introducing The Pine Tree Pocket Water Filter. A portable water filter that is easy to use while providing up to 600 gallons of great-tasting filtered water per unit.
With high levels of lead in the water being recorded across the country, the Pine Tree Filter™ Pocket Filter was designed especially to address this dangerous problem. The unit can provide safe drinking water at home or away. The user will now have the ability to bottle their own clean drinking water.

Our Filters work electrostatically. This means our filters are operating at reverse osmosis levels of filtration (Or .02 Micron) but without removing the minerals.

The Filter also removes chemicals, bacteria, even viruses so the product can be used during BOIL ALERTS and even GERM WARFARE. This highly efficient and affordable solution can be purchased exclusively for municipalities with lead issues. With this technological advantage and economic solution, a municipality can now solve its own drinking water problems efficiently.