How to install the Pine Tree Water Filter

Countertop (option)

Instructions for installing the Pine Tree Water Filter for countertop.

Tools needed: Pliers, soft cloth, *screwdriver or power drill (*for wall mount only)
Click here for wall mount installation option
The wall mounting bracket is included.

Use pliers and soft cloth (coffee filter works well) to loosen aerator

Remove aerator by unscrewing. Store aerator if needed in the future

The Pine Tree Water Filter comes with two sizes of adapters

Select adapter ring with washer that best fits your faucet spout threads

Correct washer should fit securly in adapter ring

Screw adapter ring with washer in the faucet spout counter-clockwise

Turn adapter ring until tight

Adapter ring will screw into faucet and appear as above when complete

Place Pine Tree Water Filter spout on adapter ring. *For wall mount unit perform steps below first

While holding Pine Tree Water Filter spout hand tighten by turning top grip onto adaptor ring

The Pine Tree Water Filter comes with two plastic lock ties to secure the hose onto the faucet spout

After completing the installation, invert the unit on the counter before turning on the water.

Turn on your water faucet and then pull the button out to activate the filter – the button will automatically return when faucet is turned off*

*First time use:

Run water for 5 MINUTES to activate your newly installed filter which removes air from the filter.

After running water for 5 minutes, turn off the water, and return the Pine Tree Water Filter to the upright position.

Congratulations, your Pine Tree Water Filter is ready to use.