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Handheld Travel Filter

The Pine Tree Filter Co. Travel Filter offers a small, easy-to-use, and healthy alternative to bottled water, even when taken from the nastiest water sources in the wild. Save money, save the environment, and save your body.

Step 1

  • Place the bottom of the Travel Filter into the water source until the tip is completely submerged. 

Step 2

  • While holding the filter with one hand, grasp the top spout with the other hand and pull up slowly until it stops, filling the Travel Filter with water.

Perform this step three (3) times before each initial use after storage, to activate the internal filter. 

Step 3

  • Place the bottom of the filter on a stable surface and slowly push the Travel Filter back down; this will cause clean water to flow out of the rubber

Step 4

  • At the end of each use, pump the unit 2-3 times to expel any water remaining in the filter. If water is not drained properly and remains in the filter overnight, it's possible it could release from the top of the unit where the 2 tubes meet.

This residual water is not a leak and will not affect the efficacy of the unit. 

Important:  Do not store this device in a closed plastic bag.


Step 2:

Step 3:

Step 4:

Step 1:


This filter is designed to be disposable. Little to no water flow indicates it is time for a new Travel Filter. When used with non-turbid (clear water), the filter is capable of filtering approximately 150 gallons. If mud or heavy dirt is being filtered the lifespan will be shorter. As long as water is flowing through the unit, it will continue working.

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