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Paul W. O’Brien, founder of General Inventors Group, is the author of multiple U.S. and foreign patents, and an accomplished inventor with 22 years of experience conceptualizing and then developing product solutions for common problems. Since 2004 he has brought various consumer product ideas from concept to prototype, and then to finished product. He has appeared on QVC in the US and the UK, and The Shopping Channel in Canada.

“There are solutions everywhere I look, and people just need to have these solutions pointed out by a forward observer.”

– Paul O’Brien, Pine Tree Water Filter Company

After inventing and commercializing a skin and hygiene shower product with QVC, Paul was deeply moved by the emerging global clean-water crisis that was inflicting over a billion of the less fortunate. Guided by his slogan in life, “To whom much is given, much is required,” Paul set out to find an affordable solution that could bring safe drinking water to those who need it anywhere.


-The Awesome Pine Tree Team

Paul’s desire to improve and perfect solutions that can provide safe drinking water to those who need it remains paramount. He also strongly believes water filtration can work hand-in-hand with the infusion of critical nutrients in areas of the world where malnourished people have severely limited food sources.

As part of this goal, he will also strive to improve the quality of life for individuals and families by creating jobs in the inner cities, poor communities, and in lesser developed nations that could benefit from his water product designs by creating employment opportunities for local residents to assemble water products in their village, town, or city. By offering goal-specific training programs, and shipping quality assured parts to these centers, local jobs can be established quickly almost anywhere in the world. Safe, clean water with local jobs to produce them is his ultimate goal.

In addition, Paul hopes to develop micro-businesses in underdeveloped countries by empowering women, who by tradition are the “water gatherers” in most cultures, to bottle water for use in their communities. This program would also have, as part of its mission, an objective to promote better health through much needed educational programs about contagious illnesses from cross-contaminated water sources, a serious problem which unfortunately is not well understood by most people around the world.

Altogether, Paul wants to do his part globally to improve the quality of life for those who are less fortunate.